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Do you love to read for pleasure, or simply love to acquire more knowledge for self-empowerment instantly for FREE?

We are open for applicants for our selective review program.

What’s In It For You?

You’ll be able to get access to any of our books, audios, and courses you want. That’s right! Anything you like to know or intrigues you, just select it and you’ll get for free.

All we ask is that you post your reviews to Amazon, as well as Barnes & Noble and/or Goodreads. (*Be sure to read up the review policy of each site and abide by their guidelines.)

Gain instant knowledge and solve whatever problems you may have, not only helping yourself but by providing feedback helps us and others know what you think about the contents allowing us to improve upon them. We can’t do that without YOU.


Note this is not for everybody. Certain qualification applies:

1.) You must be honest, ethical, reliable and say what you say you’ll do. Anything less, and you will be dismissed from our review program.

2.) You must not distribute your review copies to any other individuals. They are to be used for your review purposes only, so may be personally watermarked to identify you.

3.) You must write reviews that do not contain obscenities, crude language/hate speech or personal attacks against the author. Be professional and courteous.

4.) You must be willing to take the time to go through the material. We only want your real honest opinions. You’re not obligated to just giving a positive review; however, if you do happen to not like something or find a typo, feel free to let us know first. We’d appreciate your consideration.

5.) You must at least have good standing Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads accounts at the very minimum. If you have other accounts you can post to, such as Shelfari, LibraryThing, iBookstore, etc., the better your chance of being inducted into our review program.

How Does It Work?

1.) Once you’re approved. You can choose from any line of our books, audios, and courses you like to review first.

2.) ONLY one review item will be given at a time, until the current review is completed. This is obviously to stop those who want to take advantage of our review programs by failing to live up to their part of the agreement in providing any review. If you’re one of these folks, please don’t waste yours or our time.

3.) We ask that you try to post the review within 14 days of after receiving your review product, but understand sometimes can take longer. We kindly ask you keep us updated.

4.) You’ll also be notified and informed of future upcoming or new releases with the option to have advanced reviewing before anybody else does, or be part of any work-in-progress.

(FOR AUTHORS) Review Your Books

Besides being able to receive free products for review, if you’re an author or coach or have any book or product you like for us to review, by being in our review program, we can most certainly do a barter review exchange and post it wherever you want and throughout our network giving you increased exposure.

Please note that we only review non-fiction self-help materials or anything knowledge-related, e.g., dog training, pain relieving, stock trading, natural healing, etc. Thus, any work of fictions will not be accepted.

Keep in mind we won’t just give you a positive review for the sake of having a positive review. We will provide a brutal honest assessment. Nevertheless, we’ll only post it if it’s positive, and tell you off the record what we did not like to help you get the necessary constructive criticism to improve it, as we encourage and always hope for all our reviewers to do the same for us.

How To Join?

To join, we made it as no-brainer as possible.

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Join now! Space is limited. We only want to work with a few select individuals, and can’t accommodate everybody. *Serious applicants only.

(NOTE: We reserve the right to revoke review privileges at any time without explanation or notification.)

Thank you for your interest in our review program. If you have any question, contact us for more info.

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